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IMPORTANT: It has come to our attention that there is an app with the same business name as our own. We have nothing to do with the BetterMe Weight Loss Workouts app, this is a completely different business. Please do not contact us with queries related to the app. Thank you!


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    The BeMe Approach

    What is BetterMe?

    The BeMe Approach uses applied positive psychology in action to equip adults and children with the self-awareness, confidence, resilience, skills and resources that they need to flourish in life.

    The Approach helps to build up confidence, self-esteem, emotional intelligence and resilience, improve mental health and wellbeing, and lower anxiety. The component parts of the Approach are evidence based and tailored to meet the needs of the participants. Our main areas of expertise are Education, Business and Sport. We also provide programmes for Individuals looking to overcome specific personal issues. Within each of these areas, we work with core elements essential to wellbeing:

    • Helping you to understand and to be aware of the importance of beliefs and ways of thinking.
    • Identifying unhelpful beliefs and ways of thinking.
    • Identifying educational/work and home life areas in which you feel powerless and helping you to gain power and control in relation to these.
    • Helping you to challenge social anxiety, build self-esteem and resilience.
    • Helping to build self-efficacy, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.
    • Providing you with tools and techniques to manage emotions and build emotional literary.
    • Helping you to think about goals for the future and how to achieve them.

    Why BetterMe?

    As a social enterprise, we are driven by our commitment to supporting people and communities, rather than profit. We are committed to offering affordable services and investing in developing our work with schools and local communities. Businesses working with us can achieve the BetterMe Community Conscious Company check-mark, as a thank you for your support.

    BeMe for Education

    The key goal in the BeMe Approach for Education is to raise attainment.  This is achieved through working directly with pupils and/or via sustainable CPD [Continuing Professional Development] for staff. Find out more…

    BeMe for Business

    The BeMe Approach for Business works across a range of areas including teamwork, leadership skills, emotional intelligence and sales. Find out more…

    BeMe for Sport

    The BeMe Approach for Sport works for both individual sportspeople and team players across all sporting pursuits. Find out more…

    BeMe for Individuals

    The BeMe Approach for Individuals helps people to overcome many difficulties including depression, stress and anxiety. Find out more…