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You can either use the contact form here, send an email directly to info@betterme.life or give us a call on one of the numbers provided.  We’d be delighted to hear from you.

IMPORTANT: It has come to our attention that there is an app with the same business name as our own. We have nothing to do with the BetterMe Weight Loss Workouts app, this is a completely different business. Please do not contact us with queries related to the app. Thank you!


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What our clients have to say...

  • “It’s helped me to get more confident. 
I’m not being bullied.”

    “The enthusiasm in the group has been good. I have learnt about self-esteem and self-confidence. I can stand up for myself now.”

    “Thanks to the group I will be able to achieve more later in life in friendships and other achievements.”

    “It’s made me feel good about myself.”

    “This really helped with my self-esteem cuz you told me things that I never knew.”

    Second Year High School Pupils
  • “I loved it, one of the best training experiences I have had.”

    “A brilliant programme which ideally would be introduced to young people at an early age at school.”

    “Presented in an interesting and informative way.”

    “Flexible to the needs of all young people.”

    “A well rounded programme which demystifies ‘anxieties’ and other forms of low self-esteem and confidence.”

    “Fantastic, I think it can be adapted to work with every young person.”

    “I like the structure, the activities and the philosophy behind the programme.”

    “I think it’s a very useful tool that potentially will change the way I react to people and situations and in turn improve the service I provide.”

    “Powerful programme to make positive changes. I like its clarity/adaptability.”

    “Fantastic way to approach life, encourage others and boost self-esteem in yourself and those you work with.”

    “Whilst the concepts of confidence building and resilience are not new to my work, the programme sets out a way of working that has challenged my own beliefs and preconceptions.”

    “Interesting, thought provoking.”

    Youth Workers3 day CPD Seminar, Edinburgh

BeMe for Individuals

The BetterMe Approach for Individuals helps people to overcome many difficulties including depression, stress and anxiety. Find out more…

BeMe for Education

The key goal in the BetterMe Approach for Education is to raise attainment.  This is achieved through working directly with pupils and/or via sustainable CPD [Continuing Professional Development] for staff. Find out more…

BeMe for Sport

The BetterMe Approach for Sport works for both individual sportspeople and team players across all sporting pursuits. Find out more…

BeMe for Business

The BetterMe Approach for Business works across a range of areas including teamwork, leadership skills, emotional intelligence and sales. Find out more…