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Emotional Intelligence

  • Mar122020

    Workplace emotional intelligence during the global coronavirus outbreak

    While companies have been preparing for disruptions such as automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, none could have predicted the ultimate…

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  • May082019
    Ill Bear

    Empathy in healthcare is finally making a comeback

    Empathy in healthcare is finally making a comeback A doctor friend – let’s call her Anne – was teaching three smart…

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  • Dec132018
    Social skills

    Brexit, negotiation and lack of emotional intelligence

    From an article in City AM: Want to master the art of negotiation? You need emotional intelligence. With so much…

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  • Oct292018
    Global Summit

    Importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace

    What is the most important skill to have for recruits, employees, management and employers to have? Three high profile business…

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  • Oct132018
    impostor phenomenon

    Impostor phenomenon, toxic workplaces and emotional intelligence.

    Toxic workplaces are often characterised by an environment that diminishes or manages out the humanity of the place and its…

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  • Sep242018
    Purva Gupta

    Purva Gupta is shaking up the AI world with emotionally-intelligent.

    Female Disruptors: Purva Gupta is shaking up the AI world with emotionally-intelligent AI. Don’t be afraid to challenge your thinking…

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  • Jul132018

    How emotional intelligence helped take a team to the brink of a World Cup final

    Emotional intelligence is a key to success as an individual, in business and sport. There is a lot of research…

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  • Jun232018
    Chromosome 18 European Conference

    Chromosome 18 European Conference

    Had a great day, meeting wonderful people, delivering a presentation and workshops on emotional intelligence at the European Conference of…

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  • Jun072018
    Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Emotional Intelligence

    BetterMe Delivers Great Training at Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

    More ECC courses

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  • May082018
    Mastering Emotional Intelligence

    Mastering Emotional Intelligence

    Have you ever wondered why some people appear to have it all? They are academically successful and financially strong, yet…

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