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You can either use the contact form here, send an email directly to info@betterme.life or give us a call on one of the numbers provided.  We’d be delighted to hear from you.

IMPORTANT: It has come to our attention that there is an app with the same business name as our own. We have nothing to do with the BetterMe Weight Loss Workouts app, this is a completely different business. Please do not contact us with queries related to the app. Thank you!


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    About BetterMe

    A little bit of background...

    BetterMe, a social enterprise, was co-founded by Marielle Bruce and Andrew Farquharson in early 2018. Shaaron Skinner soon came on board.  Andrew, Marielle and Shaaron are passionate about helping as many people as possible to be the best version of themselves. This passion led them to the formation of the BetterMe social enterprise. Andrew, Marielle and Shaaron have worked together for a number of years and have now brought together their considerable experience in life and business coaching, education and youth work, sport and applied positive psychology to develop the BetterMe approach for individuals, business, education and sport.



    Andrew Farquharson

    Andrew has 25 years of teaching experience including six years as a head teacher. He has also worked as an international sports coach and has accumulated years of working with applied positive psychology through hynpotherapy. This professional experience has provided him with an ideal background for developing the BetterMe Approach and starting a social enterprise. Andrew has worked all over the UK, across most of the Nordic countries, and with individual clients in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Dubai, Spain and Germany.

    Marielle Bruce

    Marielle has a professional background in Community Learning & Development and has been delivering personal development and training programmes for over 15 years. She is an accredited life and business coach and a member of the Association for Coaching body.

    Shaaron Skinner

    Shaaron has a wealth of experience of working with young people. She has worked in Education and Children’s Services professionally for over 30 years. Shaaron also coached adults and young people in martial arts, and volunteered for a number of years in youth organisations.  She moved into the fields of mental wellbeing, psychotherapy and applied positive psychology after becoming increasingly frustrated at watching young people struggle unsupported to cope mentally with everyday issues.